About RandiSita

About Randi Sita

Since my certification as a psychotherapist in 2003 I have been working with clients and teaching in the field.

My lifelong interest in psychology and people, is equally a lifelong passion, in regard to the truth about human existence including our spiritual existences. Existential questions concerning; meaning, death, free will, longing and loneliness, has been a major drive, in the way I have approached my personal as well as my work lifelife. Since 1992 I have been practicing The Heartprayer, and over time the process of awakening, have taken my professional work, as a psychotherapeutic and teacher, to a transpersonal or non-dual focus.

I am inspired by several contempary spiritual teachers, some of them being; Margit Madhurigma Rigtrup, Bernadette Roberts, Lisa Cairns, Jes Bertelsen, A.H. Almass, Ken Wilber and Adyashanti. I 2016 I ended a yearlong student-teacher relationship with John De Ruiter from Canada.

Since the ending of this student-teacher relationship I have been interested in the student-teacher/mester relationship as a phenomonen with increasing interest in the western world. What is the essence of such a relationship? What is really behind the idea and the experience of another human being having the cabebility to enlighten us. What is transmission and the purpose of it? What will it take for human beings to finally know and experience our “Inner Sat Guru”? What deep psychological and unconscious forces is at play in the spiritual teacher as well as the student?

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I am inspired by many writers, among them is; Rumi, Meister Eckehart, Frans af Assisi, Osho, Ramana Maharashi, Sri Nisargadatta.

Most of my life I have been using art, as a way to experss myself. I have no formel education in art and no tecknical skills. Art is simply a way for me to ciculate the many insights and experiences that is flowing through the body, mind and heart of mine . On a yoga retreat in France Asisi, 2007, I was given the name Sita. Since I have been using it as an “artist” name. You can read some of my poetry on this blok.

Favorite Quotes:

Christ; ” Seek first the kingdom of God and all you need will be provided for.”

Buddha; ” The middelway is not grasping, not pushing. There is true nature. Peace that encompass all.”

Sri Nasagardatta; ” I am not talking to an individual. I am talking to consciousness. It is consciousness wich must seek its source.”

Ramana Maharashi; ” The first thought that arises is “I”. All other thoughts follow this “I”. Search by means of a deeply interverted mind wherefrom this “I” arises.”

Rumi; ” I said; What about my heart? God said; Tell me what is in your heart? I said; pain and sorrow. God said, stay with it.”

Adyashanti; ” This aware space, that contration and expansion happens within, this is the know me.. A radiate awakeness.”

Ukendt; ” Love is everything.”


1999 – Studerede psykologi & religion, ved Bath Spa University, Bath UK.

2001 – Medoversætter af ” Et kursus i Mirakler” ved, Foundation for Inner Peace. Mill Valley, CA, USA.

2003 – Certificeret Id- Psykoterapeut & underviser ved ID Academy Ringsted. http://www.idacademy.dk

2007 – 2010 Konsulent ved Majorgaardens familiecenter i Ålsgaarde. Behandlingscenter for misbrug. Fungerende psykoterapeut samt projektleder, underviser og udvikler, af pilot projekt for arbejdsledige kvinder, vokset op i dysfunktionelle familier samt undervisning af børn og unge i emnerne; Følelser & selvindsigt, konfliktløsning og mindfulness.

2008 – Certified mindfulnes teacher ved, The Expanding Lightcenter, CA.

2018 – Syv ugers Feminine power kursus ved Claire Zammit ph.d. Undervisning i The transformation matrix.