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Psychotherapy & Your True Nature.

” I am infinite being, having a human experience. Love is my bridge. Openness of heart and mind, my perception. Intimate, restful awareness, is my walk. ”                                               Randisita 2017.


Transpersonal or non dual psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy means to gather opposites.

The meaning of transpersonal is that, which is more than the personal.

My experience is that psychotherapy have the means to support the realisation and integration of our true nature. In the same way, questions concerning the essence of what it means to be alive, existential questions, can be examined in a psychotherapy session. Existential fear of death, loss of personal freedom, search of meaning and fear of isolation, are all doorways into the non dual nature of who we are. The word existential combines the two words ” existence” and “essence”.

The essence of existence, is of a transpersonal or non dual nature.

My approach to transpersonal psychotherapy, focuses on shedding light on the opposing movements, in our selves such as; our lower self (ego) and our higher self (authentic being), the feminine and masculine within and the challenge of integrating our spiritual experiences and knowing, into your practical life. Shadow-work is part of this movement. In shadow-work we become aware of subconscious thinking, feelings and sensations and our way of experiencing, who we are, in this world. Shadow work, is possible, when we come from a gentle and open heart. The most sublime quality of the heart, is to look without judgement (even not judging, when we see, that we judge). In other words, when love is the way we meet ourselves.



My training as a psychotherapist is founded in a school of integrated psychotherapy. This includes different approaches such as psychodynamic, cognitive, humanistic  and transpersonal therapy. In my sessions, I include all these therapies because they individually, are useful at different levels of personal development and stages of awakening. My main focus in a session, is to support you in the exploration of your immediate experience. An inquiry of your moment-to-moment, feelings, thoughts, reactions and responses. An investigation of the physical, energetic and spiritual phenomenons, in the body. I point to it and you respond and move with it.

At the core of this approach, there is the introduction and invitation, for you, to begin to see, from what is always here. What is alway here is the stillness point. By relating from the stillness point, we can begin to have consciousness being aware of itself.

Awakenings and spiritual teachers and masters.

Every human being have the tiny glimpse of true nature, some not noticed but they might sparkle a curiosity of existential nature. More and more people have what is described as awakenings to true nature. Some, after years of introspection, study, meditation and psychotherapy. Others have awakenings of more spontaneous nature. Some, after having been once, or over a longer period, with a spiritual teacher or master. History and study have shown, that even though, a teacher have awaken to his/her True Nature, they have not necessary, integrated true nature, into their selves and personal lives, on all levels. This, I believe, is a lifelong adventure for all human beings including spiritual teachers. Some realised spiritual teachers, and masters can, in fact turn out to have immature selves. They can have real issues, in terms of their ability to relate, intimately to their own feelings  and other human beings, and they can have a relatively low-level of integrity, considering their spiritual state. When it comes to growth stages of personality,  they are not necessary healthy and hole. This is caused by many factors, one of then being, that any one of us, can get stocked in identification, with our awakenings and spiritual abilities, for longer periods of time. This identification can cause a disowning of shadow/ego and with that, the ability to mature as a human being, is made almost impossible. Furthermore, is it very common for spiritual teachers, to identify the highest state of consciousness possible, for a human being, with, The Source – The Absolute – Non duel – God. This phenomenon, can cause a crucial mix in levels, and surrounded by many devotees, who feeds their disowned God projection onto the Guru, makes it harder and harder for the Guru to discern.

This is important to understand since the only real teacher is your ” Sat Guru” (Inner Truth). It can be extremely helpful, important and enlightening, to be inspired by a profound spiritual teacher or master, but ultimately we must turn to our own awakened inner authority.

Quote; “Consciousness does not shine by itself. It shines by a light beyond it.”~Sri Nisargadatta

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It is not enough to wake up. We must alongside awakening, grow up.

Once we have had one or more awakenings, even just a glimpse of our spiritual nature, our world, as we knew it, is turned upside down. Nothing will ever be the same again. There is most often, a deeper relaxation into simple beingness. Alongside this delight, our personal issues and psychodynamic difficulties, becomes highlighted and intensified. This is where transpersonal or non dual psychotherapy can support us. Healing and understanding, how we can move freely, as infinite, unlimited, love beings, in a dual existence.

Self, consciousness and ego.

As it turns out, self is first and foremost, an unconscious experience and only secondarily a conscious experience. “

” Self or consciousness, is a passage through human existence. Consciousness is the human experience. In essence, self is what it means to be human.”

Bernadette Roberts.

What is consciousness? What is self ?

Self is consciousness. Consciousness is self. Self is what it means to be conscious. Weather we are talking about lower self (ego) or higher self (authentic self), self is consciousness. Consciousness or self is a subject-object type of knowing. Self or consciousness is a medium including the senses and the individual relative mind. Self or consciousness is the dimension of human existence. We have a conscious experience of  “I exist”. Consciousness experiences itself. Our deep sence of being, is, at the core of our consciousness. In this, there is no separating consciousness and self. The experience of unity with the divine, is the highest or deepest state of consciousness. This is where we experience and say ” I am Love”. It is not the end of road. It is not the state of no-self, (which can not really be called a state.)

The path to no-self, is through a process of living the unitive self, in our practical life, in all its aspect, and to practice the awareness of consciousness. In all the movements of life, with all phenomena of self/consciousness, to rest your neutral attention, in the still point that is alway here.


In the unitive state, the Divine, Oneness, is our experienced center of being; ” I am divinity.” or “I am Love.” and ” I am Truth.” As an ego, me, a separate being, is our experienced center of existence. Ego is the interior movement of wanting and not wanting, and the frustration or ecstasy, when getting for oneself or not getting. ” I think, therefore I am” or ” I feel, therefore I am.” Ego isnt something to get rid of.  Rather ego, is best lived, in service of the search for, who and what we really are. A healthy ego development, is the egos movement towards, what is good for self; respectful boundaries and understanding and living in accordance with ones basic needs and hopes and dreams.

The unitive state.

The unitive state is experienced, as an undisturbed unity, with the divine. The unitive state is a state, were the ego has been replaced, with what is experienced as an empty center or stillness. (God, Source, The absolute.) We could say it is a state where lower self (ego-consciousness) is replaced with higher self (authentic-consciousness). You, the world and everything and everyone, is experiences as Oneness. In the unitive state we relate. from the deepest of what we know, and an enormous sense of freedom, strength, wisdom and love is experienced. Stillness is experienced, at the center of our being. The divine is experienced as the “ground of our being”. Some would say that God is experienced, at the center of ones being, and this is why someone in the unitive state might say “I am God.” “You are God.” This is naturally not the case, since there is still some measure of object-subject experience. Therefore the individual self, is always conditioned, even the higher Self. When there is an experience, there is a conditioned self. When you, consciousness, experience the divine, there is the condition. When you, consciousness or you, awareness have an experience, there is a movement of duality, a movement of object-subject. In the unitive state, we still have feelings and preferences, but we don’t identify with them. In fact, as the unitive state stabilises, we become able to experience profound depth and intensity of feeling. We can still encounter illness and great challenges, in the world, but we dont identify with these difficulties. In fact, the longer the unitive state has been a fact, the more confident and relaxed, we become, in that we are, what all phenomenon is happening within. Even at times when (God, The Absolute, Ultimate Reality ect.) is not experienced, all is well. To the core of our being and back, we know of it. The greatest challenge in the unitive state, is not, as one should think, the many difficulties we may encounter in the world. The real challenge, is not to give in to the powers we are given during this state, and come to believe that we are some sort of Messiah, sent to save humanity. Spiritual powers can be very intoxicating,  but they will keep us bound within the medium, of the subject-object self or consciousness. However divine the unitive self seems, it is not the end of the road, in terms of awakening to The Realty of what we really are. The purpose of the unitive self isn’t ultimately, to express or display the splendor of our divine self, but to live it in everyday life.

Spiritual traditions.

On my journey Home, I have encountered different spiritual traditions. I have equally respect for all of them since my experience is, that they all have a value within themselves.

Quote by Adyashanti:

“There are three basic orientations that human beings have in relation to both subjective and objective experience of life. The first is to accept life and seek to be in accord with it, as in Taoism and to some extent Mahayana Buddhism. The second is to reject life and seek to transcend it, as in early Buddhism and Hinduism. And the third is to improve upon life, as in some forms of modern Christianity and some form of Judaism. They are all relevant at different times under different circumstances. ”

The Prayer of the Heart.

When we awaken to respond, to the Hearts longing for Truth, we eventually realise that we need the support of some spiritual practice. For some it is meditation, others, prayer others agin it is the surrendering to a spiritual master and his/her teachings. I include all of these practices but, since the age of twenty-four and a vision of Jesus, The Heartprayer of Christ-consciousness, has been my continued practice on a daily basis. The Heartprayer is also called The Jesus Prayer or The Chris Prayer.

Obs! I am in the process of translating my writings of the Heartprayer and I will be adding it to this menu point within long. Thank you for your patience.


 I am inspired by many non dual teachers, authors, literature, articles. Among these are;


“A Course In Miracles”, “The song of prayer” and “Psychotherapy, purpose, process and practice” Foundation of Inner Peace. ( I was part of the Danish translation publicised in 2001)

A.H. Almaas, author of spiritual and psychology literature among these ” Runaway Realization, Living a life of ceaseless discovery.”

Adyashanti,  author of ” The way of liberation”.

Bernadette Roberts;

“The path to no-self. Life at the center.”

” What is self?”

” The Experience of no-self.”

Eckhart Tolle.


Jes Bertelsen.

Ken Wilber, author of Integral literature about spirituality and psychology.

Lisa Cairns.

Lorin Roche, author of ” The Radiance Sutras, Tantra Yoga Teachings”.

Meister Eckehart, Christian mystic.

Marianna Williamson, author of spirituality and psychology bases on “A Course in Miracles.” Foundation of Inner Peace.

Osho, author of “The book of secrets”.

Rumi, Sufi mystic, poetry.

Sri Ramana, Indian mystic.


Teresa of Avile, Christian mystic.

The Bhagavad Gita.

The New Testament.

Gnostic scriptures such as, The gospel of Mary and of Thomas.

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