The unitive state.

The uninitve state.

The unitive state is a state were the ego has been replaced with what is experienced as an empty center or stillness point (God, The absolute, Ultimate reality ect.). We could say it is a state where lower self (ego, consciouness) is replaced with higher self ( unitive consciouness). You, the world and everything and everyone is experiences as Oneness. In the unitive state we relate from the deepest of what we know and an enormes sense of freedom, strenght, wisdom and love is experienced. The stillpoint is experienced at the center of our being. The divine is experienced as the “ground of our being”. Some would say that God is experienced, at the center of ones being, and this is why someone in the unitive state might say “I am God.” “You are God.” This is naturally not the case since there is still some mesure of object-subject experience. Therefore the individual self is always conditioned. When there is an experience, of someone experiencing the divine, there is a conditioned self. When you, consciousness, experience the divine, there is condition. When you, consciousness or you, awareness have an experince, there is a movement of duality, a movement of object-subject. In the unitive state we still have feelings and preferences, but we dont identify with them. In fact, as the unitive state stabilises, we become able to experience profond depth and intensity of feeling. We can still encounter ilness and great challenges, in the world, but we dont identify with these difficulties. In fact, the longer the unitive state has been a fact, the more confident and relaxed we become in that, we are what all phenomenon is happening within. Even at times when (God, The Absolute, Ultimate Reality ect.) is not experienced, all is well. To the core of our being and back, we know of it. The greatest challenge in the unitive state isent, as one shold think, the many difficulties we may encounter in the world. The real challenge, is not to give in to the powers we are given during this state, and come to believe that we are some sort of Messiahs sendt to save humanity. Spirituel powers can be very intocicating,  but they will keep us bound within the medium of the subject-object self or consciousness. However devine the unitive self seems, it is not the end of the road, in terms of awakening to The Realty of what we really are. The purpose of the unitive self isent ultimaly, to express or display the spelndor of our divine self, but to live it in everyday life.