Soft whiteness

I think and feel me safe
dwelling with peace.
I think and feel me enlighten,
Profound knowing is here,
stillness and openness of heart.
For long stretches there is no thoughts
just being.
Nothingness that feels like something.
So full.
Then again,
I think and feel me safe
Out of nowhere,
it seems,
longing ignites in my body.
I think it begins with a longing for a gentle and varm touch of a loving hand.
A loving embrace of another human being.
Then it moves down between my legs and
my sex aches to be penetrated.
Penetrated by pure masculine consciousness.
The Man.
After a while the aching moves
up into my heart.
I long and long and long
with my entire being.

There is no man
The Man, is not here.
The only one that will
satisfie my longing.

Like a gentle hand that reaches out to me,
from far, far behind all there is,
white essence comes.
Soft whiteness offers itself to me.
Stand here
it whispers.
All you need to do
is to stand here
in soft whiteness.

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