The Great Void

The Great Void.

The Great Void takes everything now.

There seems to be no room for anything.

It is here.

Out of honoring the void, I do something that is out of character with my habitual self, and fear kicks in.

Its cold and ugly hand takes my intestines by the neck and squeezes tight.

The pain in my inside makes it hard to breathe.

This body has to lie flat on the stomach to bear the physical discomfort.

But there is no suffering.

Only vast empty space.


Nothing is happening.

I miss my lover profoundly.

My body aches to feel him inside me.

I long to melt into each other in that kind of ecstasy that dissolves the you and me into one body.


Still there is no suffering.

Only stillness, stretching to the end of everything.

And on the screen of this stillness there are thoughts, feelings and sensations moving through my humanness.

Still nothing is happening.

The worldly worry of getting old and having achieved absolutely nothing.

Having done absolutely nothing worthwhile.

Having changed nothing to the better.

Left with a wrinkled and tired face and body and nothing to be proud of, makes me crumble and gasp for air and still –

Nothing but this vast empty void that can only be described as peace.

Nothing is happening.

The me is a construct and it is becoming frail now.

Still nothing is happening.

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