Effertlessly so,
I open up my everthing to you.
I have done the hard Work.
With great honersty.
I have done everthing within my power and I have and pleaded, with The Great All, to do what I can´t do myself.
Through our connection, I feel answered.
Now you gracefully do what needs to be done.
With susch tenderness and precision,
you seem to pull old software out of me.
And I get the oddest sense, of a computer, that is being downloaded into.
There is abosolutly no ground left underneath me.
I am holdning on to nothing.
There is only you.
There is only what moves through you, to me.
We are absorbed into eachother and everthing,
that was standing apart from you,
lays down,
once and for all.
Effertlessly so.
Love wants it.
Love wants me and I, it.
Nothing more.
Nothing less
I sense a shift.
As I am an open empty vessel,
every cell,
every atom, within and without,
is becoming,
loves essence.
It is tangeble.
The substance of love,
is rich and full,
like the purest, golden honey and it opens up,
from within, the core of everthing.
I become aware,
that it has been there,
all this time.
It is the source of everything.
I feel like,
all is coming into one.
There is sameness.
Thousend of heat particles,
comes of your presence and connects with thousand of heat partices,
coming of my presence.
The same way,
that sensitive fingertips,
can touch eachother,
our particles,
touches each other and love follows through.
Love follows through,
all the way from the innermost,
to the outermost and back again.
Simular to pollination,
everyone in the room,
is touched,
by what is taking place.
Consciouness expands.
There is more room,
than ever,
for true being,
to live through us all.

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