Pearls of joy.


Being in your presence

is like experiencing an expanded version of myself.

You put into words, what I somehow know already, but do not understand and certainty do not live.

It is joyful to me.

Your words seems to flow from the Source of all things created.

And the intimacy!

When you look into my eyes and speak those words!

It is as if we are moving as one.

And the sense of profound Meaning!

It feels like The Meaning of life itself has taken form

in the shape of your words.

I am grateful.

I am joyful.

Your words is like pearls on a string.

Pearls of joy.

And Meaning is the string, holding them together.

Tiniest molecules of water, air and sunlight

are what your pearls are made out of.

To my taktile senses

your pearls have such substance.

Yet they are so delicate.

Delicacy tingles throughout all of my bodies

as a festival of recognition.

Thank you

to your 

Pearls of joy.

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